I couldn’t imagine more perfect weekend. The Madrid Derby, Derby della Madonnina, Der Klassiker and Arsenal vs Manchester during one weekend!

Arsenal London vs Manchester United

Arsene Wenger has never beaten Jose Mourinho in the Premier League. The Gunners couldn’t imagine more perfect time for the first win. The Gunners sit six points ahead of United after 11 games and Arsenal haven’t lost since the opening day defeat to Liverpool … and Zlatan Ibrahimovic is out of the Red Devils squad!


The Madrid Derby

Since Real Madrid last won The Madrid Derby in La Liga:

  1. Jose Mourinho left Real Madrid
  2. Joined Chelsea London
  3. Won the Premier League
  4. Got sacked
  5. Joined Manchester United

It’s time for the first win since 2012/2013 season? Who would have thought!

Derby della Madonnina

The Derby della Madonnina is more than a mere fixture; it is a tradition and a major sporting attraction. It is also a rivalry of unique complexity, one that has meant many different things over the years since the foundation of the two clubs that comprise it. Can’t wait for this one!


Der Klassiker

Lewandowski and Aubameyang are widely regarded as the best attackers in the Bundesliga, accounting for a combined 55 top-flight goals last season — the Poland international scoring five more with a tally of 30. I’m sure that one of them will determine the score of the match!

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