Today I just wanted to let you know that our new affiliate program has just been launched!

We worked on it for quite a few weeks, thoroughly benchmarked the market and we believe that we have created something absolutely unique.

I hope that some of you will try it out and help us further improve OneHash! We have crushed what is normally on offer, because we prepared:

  • Best terms — at least 0.5% of the bets value that you bring to OneHash. It can be much more thanks to special perks and challenges we offer!
  • Best platform for managing your earnings in a transparent and effective way, i.e. earnings timeline, promo materials and hints that will boost your earnings!
  • Transparent withdrawals policy and no fine prints — we treat you as a partner and we expect the same from you!


Check how it works still today!

Remember that is the fastest growing mutual bitcoin betting platform, so you have a chance to be part of this growth!