Real Madrid will face Juventus in next month’s Champions League final in Cardiff. That’s for sure. And you can be also sure that the pool on who’s going to win will be huge. However, such a big game deserves even more than this:

Why don’t you choose the betting event?

Some time ago we added a new feature for all the users which allows them to suggest an event. It’s possible thanks to mutual betting - you can think of any topic you want and if you find any other person that thinks differently about the probable outcomes, you can bet on it.


This year’s Champions League final will certainly provide a whole bunch of betting ideas. That’s why we would like to ask you to suggest what you would like to bet on with regard to the final, both teams or players. Below are some hints that will help you understand what makes a good mutual bet.

Bet like with a friend

General rule is - if you can easily convince your friends, co-workers or family to bet with you on this - it’s a good bet. Think of something fun, with odds close to 50/50.
Make it simple. An event with a yes/no answer is the best option here. “What minute will Juventus score” is a bad one. “Will Juve score in the first half” sounds like a much better bet.
Think of something popular - you obviously want other people to participate in your bet so don’t make it hermetic and hard to understand. “How many tackles will Cuadrado have in the second half” is a bad example, “Will Ronaldo score a hat-trick” a good one.

Now it’s your turn!

We’re waiting for your proposals. Submit your Champions League bet suggestion and add more thrill for all OneHash bettors!