Whether a casual or an aspiring player, everybody makes sins in sports betting. What are the most common ones and how to avoid them? We resolve the big mystery in this article which should help you become better at placing bets and more aware of betting traps that wait just around the corner.


A fundamental of sports betting and gambling as a whole. Without a desire for profit this whole business probably wouldn’t even exist. There are two types of greed in gambling: greed for winning and greed for gambling itself. If you want too much of both of them, especially without basic knowledge, then you can get in trouble. An inability to withdraw from the greed is beginning of the end. What’s more, greed usually stands behind another deadly sins of sports betting. Gordon Gekko used to say that “greed is good” but every professional and self-respecting bettor would most likely disagree with him.

No, it's not.

OneHash Tip: Don’t measure up. Don’t be too brave with your money and your bets.


Probably the main sin of amateurs. Those without proper know-how often go with the flow and let excitement to do the job. A continuous, inordinate need of checking sports events only in relation to potential winnings can become an unsafe habit.

It’s kind of obvious - especially in this particular case - that the more you have, the more you want. Nevertheless, bettors should bet only when it makes sense, not just because they want to wager at any point, at any stack. The more you risk, the more you are bound to lose.

Gluttony in sports betting also relates to consumption itself. Consumption of alcohol. Betting under the influence is something that you’ll want to avoid. If you’re intoxicated, then your abilities are hampered while the money-management choices are wrong and misguided. It doesn’t lead to anything beyond a hangover. Including a moral one.

OneHash Tip: Be reasonable. Bet when it makes sense, not when you feel a need to do it. Don’t bet under influence.


Bettor shouldn’t be lazy. No matter whether he is an amateur or a professional. Research is and will always be crucial. In sports betting you need to know practically everything about event that you bet on. You have to get as much information as you can and later find the best way to implement them. It’s never too late to learn not only about sport events but also about statistical models and systems that can help you function in the betting world.

Betting on unknown sport is useless and hopeless. Sports bettor has to be assured of checking the most important statistics, knowing the game rules and being aware of any key factors that could affect the result.

It takes time and effort to make money in sports betting. You can't get around this point. In this business there are no shortcuts. Sports betting changes all the time so it requires from players to change as well. To work harder than others. Those who develop winning tactics can’t get lazy because even the best systems could stop functioning all of a sudden.

OneHash Tip: Do your research. Read, learn and observe others. Work even harder than them. Understand at least the basics of sports you bet on.


Not only this particular emotion can be fatal in consequences. Bettor can’t get emotionally involved with his betting under no circumstances. Are you having a good day and want to celebrate it through bets? Not a good idea. Are you placing bets while in a bad mood? Even worse one.

Trying to win back the stake you just lost is making another mistake. This kind of action is based only on - oh, the irony - emotions and will lead to snap judgement. Bettors need to stay cool and accept the loss with their head high. An action in a hurry caused by anger will not bring anything good.

Emotional involvement is also bad advisor in backing your favourite sides no matter what. It might make you choose and place bets that are not exactly good and profitable. Just as the opposite: if you bet against one team or player because you simply don’t like them, then again you’re in a dead end.

OneHash Tip: Don’t get emotionally involved with your bets. Bet with your head, not your heart.


Sports betting is and will always be a form of rivalry. When there are at least two bettors, there will be frictions between them. Especially when the first one wins much more then the second one. The grass, however, isn’t always greener on the other side. Lemming-like rush is an often mistake of sports bettors, in particular those with little experience. Jealousy of wins and success can motivate their decisions. Although it’s once again wrong.

When you place a bet, focus on yourself, not on others. Comparison game is substantially a lost cause. Of course getting knowledge, systems and ideas from another bettors pays off but it’s better to derive from someone than to imitate. At the end of the day it’s you who place bets and it’s no one else than you who should know which of them are worth a try.

OneHash Tip: Focus on yourself, not on others. Use knowledge or system of other players but don’t duplicate it.


A sin closely related to sloth. However, the problem of vanity concerns only those who made it and achieved success in sports betting. The winners can become too confident and, therefore, less cautious or even too lazy. The bigger the win, the bigger the change for the worse might be.

“If I succeeded once, then I will always succeed” - this way of reasoning is completely senseless. There’s always room for improvement and working on yourself, your systems and bets. It might sound trivial but every lost bet teaches us something and every failure is a foundation of the future victory. Furthermore, if every mistake you make is a new one, then this is a proper sign that you are making progress and still learning. Just remember: nature of sports betting abhors a vacuum.

OneHash Tip: If you succeeded once, then you won’t succeed every time. Learn from your mistakes. Don’t let yourself get carried away by victory.


Probably the most dangerous and the hardest to stop of all sins. If you play with lust, then you will sooner or later loose. Sports betting is supposed to be fun, not method of satisfying improper needs.

Oxford Dictionary in two of its definitions describes lust as “a passionate desire for something” or “a sensuous appetite regarded as sinful”. In brief: this particular sin refers to very strong, even inappropriate feelings. As we mentioned before, when there are feelings, there is absolutely no place for bets. It’s as simple and as transparent rule as it can be. Yes, do have a passion and sensuous appetite for life but not for sports betting. Wrong place, wrong time, wrong affection.

OneHash Tip: Don’t be too passionate about sports betting. Curb your enthusiasm. Keep a cool head.


Generally speaking, mistakes are in the nature of sports bettor. However, we hope that this article will help you not to fall into the trap of sports betting sins. Honestly,  it is almost impossible to avoid all of the mistakes. They will happen. Nevertheless, remember that learning from them is the key to becoming a better sports bettor.

Patience is highly important. Temptation to win money back after losing a bet will always be strong but especially during worse times you have to be disciplined and reasonable. Let your ship stay on the course, otherwise it may sink. Together with your hard effort and your money.

Now you got the knowledge about the most common mistakes in sports betting. Use it properly, for example by betting on OneHash.