Joseph Oller knew exactly how to bring fun and adrenaline to every day life. Not only was he the founder of Moulin Rouge cabaret, but also he takes credit for inventing the mutual betting system. Just imagine how much joy he and his peers had back in the day… :) But wait, what is this mutual betting all about?

Mutual betting remains one of most adrenaline-pumping ways to bet for your favorite teams and prove yourself right …

To cut the long story short, it is people vs. people betting. Unlike the very popular fixed-odds betting systems that make bettor place a wager against a machine that has fixed the odds based on the probability computations, mutual betting is all about human interaction. With mutual betting multipliers represent what bettors actually think that will be the outcome of the game. What’s more multipliers change dynamically with every bet placed, which results in even more adrenaline!

… that is why we created


OneHash is a bitcoin betting platform that makes betting simple and beautiful again. Our users enjoy tons of modern gaming perks too:

  • Every bet on OneHash is fully anonymous — you can bet without sharing any info and an email is all we will ask for, if you want to enjoy the complete experience by signing-in
  • It’s secure too. Bitcoin-only bets ensure you, your funds, and winnings are always guaranteed and protected.
  • It grows very quickly with hundreds of new events offered every week.

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