Many of us are still not convinced that investing in Bitcoin could be a lucrative financial opportunity. But in fact there are quite a few reasons why it could work out for you. And these go beyond simple investment diversification arguments. The following list can provide skeptics with some „food for thought” on the topic.

#1 The supply of Bitcoin is limited. There will never be more than 21 million bitcoins in circulation which means the value won’t be diluted by inflation. It makes it a far better long-term investment vehicle than fiat currencies.

#2 Almost every day someone comes up with a new application for bitcoin or blockchain technologies in general. Consequently, that drives Bitcoin’s popularity, accountability and trust. As a result, a growing number of businesses is interested in getting into blockchain vertical and some studies indicate that the number of former could reach 1,8 million mark in 2017.


#3 Bitcoin is the most popular and democratic cryptocurrency out there. It has the strongest community involved in developing it and fixing everything that may currently be its potential weakness. With that much commitment, we can be pretty sure about Bitcoin’s bright future.

#4 Whether or not you are fond of “technical analysis” as an investment management tool, it is worth mentioning that it strongly suggests that Bitcoin is a „buy „and that fact alone should convince a lot of potential investors, consequently driving the value of Bitcoin upward.

#5 On the topic of investors, it needs to be underlined that more and more of them are treating Bitcoin as a valid way to diversify investment portfolio. The reasons being popularity of cryptocurrencies and prevailingly unstable situation on the global markets.

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