It’s the final countdown… 32 days left!

Only 32 days left to one of the most important Presidential Election in U.S history. Who will win? No one knows. Yet, in the meantime you can check the latest pools by observing the mutual betting odds… How come?

Mutual betting odds are dynamic, they adjust with every bet placed …

Hillary Clinton is said to have won the first Presidential Debate. You can see in betting history on that after the debate, almost every bet was placed on Democratic Party candidate. That obviously has a direct impact on current odds. But Trump is still ahead of Clinton. What will be the final odds? We will see, but remember that all bets count and the final opinion consensus among bettors matters. That is why mutual betting is so much fun!


How does the presidential election work?

Each of the 50 states (plus District of Columbia), has a certain number of electoral college votes to award a candidate, based on the number of members of Congress it has (roughly proportionally to each states population). Except for Maine and Nebraska, the votes are given on a winner-takes-all basis.

This system matters, as the popular vote is less important than the electoral college vote. If Clinton’s campaign is buoyed by big Democratic states such as New York, New Jersey, Illinois and California, these populous states could lead her to victory with their large number of electoral college votes.

For example, in 2008, Barack Obama won 53 per cent of the vote — but this led to 68 per cent of the electoral college vote. Such highly populated states played a large role when they backed the current president. (Source: Telegraph)