He returns to the Camp Nou. Back home. To the place where he achieved the greatest success in his life. To the place where he became a legend. To the temple where he will always be loved. Even when he is on the other side. When a Barcelona fan hears the name „Guardiola”, he recalls the most beautiful goals, actions and emotions.


At 20:45 CET all the kindness and mutual feelings will be put aside. For 90 minutes Pep Guardiola will become a rival, against which Barcelona will want to win. A rival, like every other. For 90 minutes Guardiola will be an ordinary coach, who came to compete with Barcelona. Sentiments? Courtesy? This is the Champions League, there’s no room for such feelings!

My prediction:

Manchester City is a completely different team from the one that played against Barcelona in 2014 and 2015 for the knockout stages of the Champions League. Although Pep Guardiola is only at the beginning of his new project, there is no doubt that for Messi and company it will be a very difficult game.

Score prediction: 3:3!


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