We’ve been making OneHash for a while now and there have been quite a few things of high importance to us. Things which make our users happy, let them enjoy betting with bitcoins and increase the thrill and adrenaline from following sports events.

Remarkable user experience

Betting sites tend to be ugly, overcrowded and full of features people seldom use. Our priority is to keep the service simple, beautiful and easy to place a bet with just two clicks. We constantly improve and listen to our user's needs. Analytics, heatmaps and other tools are great however nothing will replace a regular and constructive feedback from our bettors.


Not only sports betting

Surprised? Although sports betting is by far the bread and butter for OneHash, we are aware that our users have many other interests too. So apart from adding new sports disciplines we expand our offer into new areas such as e-sports betting and special events like elections, Oscars, etc.

And recently we have implemented a feature that allows you to suggest an event of your own - we feel it’s a proper way of getting back to the origins of mutual betting. Consequently, now you can do it with bitcoins :-)

Mutual betting odds & bitcoins

Mutual betting originated over a century ago, as a way for gentlemen to add to the thrill and excitement of watching live sports. We are confident that today’s bitcoin owners can feel the same by betting on OneHash. No fixed odds, no algorithms, only sports enthusiasts like you and me are the ones who are setting the stakes. And thanks to bitcoin it’s safe, transparent, with no minimums required whatsoever. Bitcoin betting at it’s best!

We feel that those are key factors behind making OneHash a great bitcoin sports betting site. We’re laser focused on them but at the same time try not to neglect many other aspects too. If you think that there are other things we should concentrate more on - please let us know in a comment or use chat at onehash.com - we love to hear from you!