When it comes to deciding who wins the world championship, in case of Formula 1 we have had some classic and controversial races throughout all these years.


What are the possible scenarios for the Sunday’s race in Abu Dhabi? Can Lewis Hamilton really win the F1 2016 Championship?

Here’s my take:

Rosberg wins if:

  • He finishes first, second or third
  • He finishes fourth, fifth, sixth or seventh but Hamilton does not come first
  • He finishes eighth while Hamilton comes from the third place down
  • He finishes ninth or tenth while Hamilton from fourth place down
  • If Hamilton finishes on the fifth place or worse

Hamilton wins if:

  • He comes first and Rosberg comes from fourth place down
  • He comes second and Rosberg comes from seventh place down
  • He finishes third and Rosberg comes from ninth place down
  • He finishes fourth and Rosberg will not get any points

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