The OneHash affiliate program shares revenue with affiliates for promotional purposes (let’s call it a marketing expense) and you can become one of those affiliates. The program enables users to earn 2% of referred bet value in just a couple of clicks and further opens door to become OneHash affiliate hero with further privileges.


Earn bitcoins with OneHash

The best way to earn bitcoins is to share the referral link! When someone clicks your link and makes a bet you will be rewarded with a percentage of the bet value.
You can check how much you can get in the timeline section where bonus is visible.
There are 3 time-constrained bonuses: booster, super and ulti each of which give you +0.5% of the referred bet value, bonuses are active for a week and stack, which means the time extends and therefore your profits are also extended.
On top of that there is the special OneHash Hero perk, contact us when you get it!

Promotional materials

In the promotional section you can find various marketing materials:

Please remember to use your own ID, which you can find on your affiliate page.

You can use any of those (banners, posts, landing pages) to promote OneHash and earn real bitcoins fast! Simply, log into your OneHash affiliate profile, share the links see your progress in the timeline section & of course collect your earnings.

Monitor your results

You can check how many clicks to your link were made in the last days and also see how much you have earned as well as see what is your status, since by being successful you can unlock special perks which increase the percentage of bitcoins you earn per bet!

Become OneHash affiliate hero!

Go to the affiliates page sign up and/or see all the is your page with all important information and on top of that you have 24/7 support which is ready to answer your questions usually in less than 5 minutes. Just share your link and earn bitcoins!