The OneHash Affiliate Program shares revenue with affiliates for promotional purposes. A user can easily join the community and become one of the affiliates. An affiliate program has it all: its undoubtful charm and hard, gainings facts. Here is all a user needs to know to become one of OneHash affiliate heroes.

OneHash dice affiliate program

The program enables users to earn up to 40% of referrals’ bets and 0.4% of their games value. Every Affiliate starts with 10% in betting and 0.1% in casino commission standards but with scale, active affiliates grow the commission levels even four times (sic!).

Just a couple of clicks separates a user from becoming OneHash affiliate hero. And OneHash hero, as befits a title, has his further privileges. It’s as simple as it gets and as simple as it earns.

Earn bitcoins with OneHash

The easiest way to start a journey of bitcoin earning is to share the referral link. When someone clicks a user's link and makes a bet, a user will be rewarded with a percentage of the bet value. The same applies to the casino offer, a particular percentage value of each game lands at the user's account each time his referral plays any of casino games. Affiliate commission is calculated as the revenue share from OneHash commission (~5% from the overall bet value), starting from 10% of betting and 0.1% of casino games. Affiliate earns on every bet his referral made and every game his referral played.

That's simple math. A user can check how much he can get in the timeline section where the bonus is visible.

Get to know OneHash booster structure

OneHash affiliate program offers four levels of time-constrained bonuses: Standard, Booster, Super and Ulti, each of giving a user a remarkable chance to earn and take care of his betting and casino community.

In order to achieve every one of perks, an affiliate partner has to gather points and to cross the threshold. Every 0.000001 BTC earned on referrals’ activities is one point from casino games and 10 points from bets. The situation is clear: the bigger the points value, the bigger the commision.

At first glance, OneHash booster structure may seem a little bit complex and hard to get. But it’s quite the contrary. The structure has never been that easy to find and to understand. Here are booster’s levels:

  1. Standard

• 10% betting commision

• 0.5% games commission

2. Booster

• 20% betting commision

• 0.2% games commision

• Points required: 50

3. Super

• 30% betting commision

• 0.3% games commision

• Points required: 500

4. Ulti

• 40% betting commision

• 0.4% games commision

• Points required: 5000

As for the clarification of points status. For every 0.000001 BTC earned at OneHash, a user gets one point from his referrals casino activities and 10 points from betting activities. Calculation is easy:

  • affiliate’s betting commission of 0.000005 BTC translates to 50 points
  • affiliate’s casino games commission of 0.0001 BTC translates to 100 points.

Use OneHash promotional materials

In the promotional section a user can find all he needs to make his affiliation more engaging:

  • Alluring and easy to grasp graphical representations of the affiliate efforts.
  • Access to promo materials and reports for all current and future products of OneHash.
OneHash promo material basketball
Joining the game has never been so easy!
OneHash slots promo banner
So has having fun!

A user can benefit from any of those materials (static and animated banners or landing pages) to promote OneHash and earn real bitcoins really fast. Our landing pages are available in English, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian.

It’s uncomplicated: a user logs into his OneHash affiliate profile, shares links, sees his progress and enjoys earnings. Step by step, BTC by BTC.

Become OneHash affiliate hero in 4 steps!

With analytics as its core, OneHash Affiliate Program offers users detailed statistics of their campaigns. A user can easily check how many clinks his links make and, what’s the most important, how much he earns in real time. A successful affiliate is available to unlock special perks which increase the percentage of bitcoins he earns with his referrals!

Not all heroes wear capes and it especially goes for OneHash. A partner has the site’s affiliate program at his fingerprints. The whole process can be closed up in only four steps: click, create, share and earn.

Bitcoins wait for everyone at OneHash Affiliate program. Reach out for them here!