„New boys” of the German football league, RB Leipzig won at home with Werder Bremen 3: 1 and moved up to the second place in the table. Just like Bayern Munchen they are unbeaten in this season.

Started at the bottom…

Back in 2009, Red Bull bought a semi-professional club from the 5th tier of German football. They named them Red Bull Leipzig to fit under the Red Bull branch. Initially Red Bull has been accused of using this football club as a purely marketing ploy to promote their company and make more money. Not to benefit German football or the city of Leipzig. German Football Organization was against this deal and at first blocked the transaction, but clearly you can’t stop the bull! Red Bull Leipzig simply changed their name to RB Leipzig.

…all the way up the ladder

The Red Bull’s plan was to build a football team, which can win with teams like Borussia Dortmund, Bayern Munchen and advance to the Champions League in 10 years. This ambitious strategy involved building an ultra-modern training ground, promoting young players from the youth academy and only signing players under the age of 24. However success does not come cheap and this strategy has cost Red Bull around £100m to date. Nevertheless it has worked wonders with three successive promotions since 2013.

Can they win the league?


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