Blockchain presidential polls: 3 days to go!

Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump evaporates after the recent FBI news. The atmosphere is becoming dense, as the race to become the 45th President of the United States enters its last stage…

Blockchain polls vs traditional polls

Dornsife / LA Times Presidential Election Poll indicates that Donald Trump is leading by approximately 5 percentage points. But what do mutual betting odds say? Let me remind you that on OneHash, you can easily check which candidate is currently more popular among bettors. How to do that?


Just check which candidate has a higher odds multiplier. Around a month ago the odds multiplier for Trump was around 1.55, which meant that about 65% of bets were placed on the Republican candidate. And now we precisely see that a month of the presidential campaign is indeed a lot of time! Over this period we had 3 presidential debates and a Trump-related tape scandal. Let’s see how the odds look now!


It’s totally different! Odds for Hilary Clinton are 1.482 which means that she has received approximately 68% of bets (votes)! It’s said that Hillary Clinton won all 3 Presidential Debates, so it’s probably the reason why Trump lost the advantage.


It’s easy to notice that mutual betting bring emotions to the betting experience as it reflects the current collective opinion of the betting community. How current scandals will affect elections? We will see it very soon! If you believe that Trump is the one to win, bet on him now! The odds are crazy attractive!

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