All the Crypto Ladies, all the Crypto Ladies! 🎶 🎶
The International Women’s Day is here and OneHash is just the right place to celebrate it. 🍾🥂
Who said that blockchain is a man’s world? It’s not and to demonstrate it, we have prepared a special set of games on this occasion. Make a deposit and check out these incredible slots with remarkable women as their main Heroines:

Mata Hari: The Spy

Join the most famous spy in history in the adventure of a lifetime. Win up to 144 free spin and get WILD(S) when seeing Mata Hari’s eyes on the reels. Spin the spy’s roulette for a chance to multiply your wins. 💃

Eastern Goddesses

Mother nature sent her daughters, Fire, Water and Wind, to enchant and bring good fortune to earthlings. Each goddess has a hidden gift for you. Which one will bestow hers upon you? Play the divine minigame to unlock their spins gifts. 🧚

The Asp of Cleopatra

Follow in the footsteps of no other than Cleopatra, for a chance to win up to 1000 free spins bestowed by the grace of her Golden Asp. Unlock free spins, enter the Wheel of Gods Minigame, and you’re in for a historic win. 🦸‍♀️

And remember, fortune is a Woman. 👩