A bit more than 2 weeks left to the the most important elections in the modern U.S history. Thanks to the mutual betting system you can always have a feel of what others think about chances of both candidates…


The most recent odds multiplier for Hillary Clinton is 1.639 and for Trump 2.259. On OneHash.com you can easily create betting polls! As of now the Democratic party candidate gets around 60% of all votes. At the beginning of the campaign, Donald Trump was the one who had nearly 65% of the bets value. That’s the advantage of mutual betting system! Our odds change dynamically with every bet placed, reflecting the changes in bettors opinions. Don’t treat the bet like a cold investment. Feel the adrenaline and emotions associated with it!


Who is the better candidate for Bitcoin society?

Clinton: It would be hard to imagine a worse candidate than Hillary Clinton from the bitcoin’s community perspective. She belongs to a pro-regulation camp, supports bank bailouts and wants to grow the size and scope of government. She is opposed to the “sharing economy” and is supportive of a massive Surveillance State.

Trump: It is hard to know where Trump would stand against or in favor of Bitcoin. On the bright side, he appears to be pro-business and open to new business opportunities such as Bitcoin. However, he also shows no aversion to debt spending, and like most other candidates is not shy about using the State to advance his agenda. Moreover, once he suggested to try to “close up” parts of the Internet in order to stop the rise of Islamic terrorism.

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