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Whether you’re a casual bettor, who plays just for fun, or an aspiring player, who wants to get serious about e-Sports betting, it’s good to develop a set of skills that will give you a long-term advantage over other bettors.
This is specially important in mutual betting, where you play against other people. In this article we share 5 fundamental strategies that will help you become better at e-Sports betting and maximize your profits. If you are completely new to this topic, we recommend you to read our ultimate beginners guide to e-sports first!

Set your betting objectives img

Set your betting objectives

This is the cornerstone for every other rule. Even though it may not affect your betting results directly, it’s crucial to understand what you want to achieve. Your goals will depend on your approach to betting: it may be to earn 1BTC in next 5 weeks or just to have fun from the game. Setting clear objectives will help you define how you will achieve them, which games you’ll choose and which you’ll avoid. It’ll also help you stay focused.

One of the most popular frameworks for setting the objectives is SMART, which is the acronym for:

  • Specific - target a well-defined area for improvement
  • Measurable - quantify an indicator of your progress
  • Achievable - reach the goal that is realistic to achieve
  • Relevant - find the goal that supports and is connected to your long-term strategy
  • Time bound - specify when the result(s) can be achieved

Your e-Sports betting objective based on that framework might sound like this:
“Within a 4 weeks, I am going to be an expert in CS:GO game, which will allow me to better understand bets related to this game.
To become the expert I will watch 10 hours of gameplay strategies on Twitch to understand the basics of the game. I will know the 10 best teams in the world, their players and favourite maps. I will also make 15 bets to better understand how the mutual odds work.”

Set a strict budget for your betting activities img

Set a strict budget for your betting activities

e-Sports betting is a risk involving activity - this is a fact. Losing is a natural part of betting in general. It’s even more important in mutual betting, when you play against other people. In order for someone to win, the other people must lose.

But if you have a clear objectives and you stick to them, losing affordable amount of money from time to time doesn’t have to be an issue. The one thing that you just have to do is to set a daily, weekly or monthly budget on your betting activities. You should treat your budget as the money you are potentially ready to lose. Then, you must make sure you stick to your budget. This will help you to maintain control and self-discipline over your betting activities.

By setting a strict budget you take control over your profits. You will not lose more money than you can afford in a short-term and maximise your chances for big and repeatable revenue in a long run. This is probably one of the most fundamental rules - not just e-Sports betting.

Do your betting research img

Do your betting research

In order to become better at betting, you need to do your homework - especially in e-Sports field, where things change extremely fast. Gaining a deep understanding of the things you want to bet on will help you to achieve much better results.

When choosing your bet, ask yourself four questions:

  1. Do I understand the game that I want to bet on?
  2. Do I know teams that play?
  3. Am I up to date with the gameplay strategies?
  4. Do I understand the odds? Are they favourable in the lights of my previous findings?

Before setting up the bet you want to be sure that you understand the rules of the game, know the teams, their players, signature attacks and defences and their mutual gaming history in an in depth way.
You also need to be on track with the gameplay itself - the most popular strategies and tactics, any updates that may have influenced them. Make sure that you research gameplay strategies of your team of choice to ensure that your winning odds are maximised.

The more you know about your betting subject, the more likely you are to make good and reasonable betting decisions. You won’t just hunt for the biggest odds and wait for the luck.
This may sound quite obvious, but many people don’t do that - in many cases when they see a potential “bargain” they just go all in. The solid research will help you avoid this newbie mistake.

A great idea to develop a better understanding of the game is to play by yourself and see just how easy/difficult different goals, strategies and opponents in the game.

Specialize in a particular e-Sports betting field img

Specialize in a particular e-Sports betting field

Your betting decisions, as was discussed above, should be based on previous research. You will bet on the games, teams and players that you know about. As with everything else, experience and knowledge bring better results. The more you read and know about particular topic, the bigger chances you will make a good call.

After gaining the initial experience in e-Sports betting, you will notice that you know some games or teams much better than the others. This might by a time to focus directly on this one topic. Specializing in a single game will constrict the range of the events that may be interesting for you, but your calls in one that you specialize will be much more accurate.

The main advantage of specialization is that you will have a lot of time to study very detailed information about your game or team of choice. You’ll become the real expert in one game, instead of being good in a few. It will take much less time for identify value in bets as well as bargains that other people can’t see.

When you specialize, You’ll also need a smaller budget for your bets. Because the range of interesting bets for you will be smaller, you’ll be able to put your money only on the most important and favourable games.

Always measure your success img

Always measure your success

Did you learn and use a new betting strategy recently? Or maybe started betting on a new sports? Were these initiatives successful? Hopefully, by now you should have your objectives set and know if you reached them. Now is the time to make a next step - measuring your results on a regular basis.

Your long-term goal probably would be to make more profit from e-Sports betting. In order to do that, you have to track your results, both good and bad. Only this will allow you to be better with time. Tracking your results will also help you to define more accurate objectives for the future as well as setting the more realistic budget limits.

A very useful thing to do is to segment your results, especially if you bet on different sports. Despite keeping your average results, you should keep them divided by games or teams. This will allow you to see overtime, if there is one or more fields where you regularly achieve above average results that you should invest more time and efforts to. Reversely, you will be able to find your weak spots - fields that underperform and it’d be reasonable to either fix them or resign from betting on them.


Betting on e-Sports is a risky activity and if you want to be really successful you really have to be very disciplined, patient and eager to learn. Being great at it on a regular basis requires time and a particular set of skills. But of course, not all of us want to be professionals. If you want to play casually, maybe it’s a good thing to implement just 1 or 2 of those strategies and to have fun from your betting activities.

Firstly, develop a habit of setting a clear goals and a strict budget will help you to understand what and how you want and need to achieve while keeping control over it. Then, put the energy into understanding the specifics of the games, strategies and teams will help you develop the understanding of the industry and improve your betting decisions over time.

Specialisation will help you develop the very deep understanding in one field and improve your efficiency. Lastly, always measure your results. You need to know what makes you a good bettor and what are the aspects you should improve.

Make sure you stick to these five strategies and see how your results get better over time!