1. Freedom to play anywhere from anywhere.

There are many limitations imposed by regulators on what users can and cannot do on the Internet and one of them is the regional restriction. In case of sports betting it requires you to live in a specific country or use a specific currency to be able to place bets online on certain webpages. With Bitcoin you have one digital currency that you can use anywhere in the world. Everyone and from anywhere is accepted to join the adrenaline-pumping world of sports betting!

2. Free & instant deposits and withdrawals.

It is true that classic bookmakers may take some time to process your deposit. That can be annoying, but is understandable. The worst thing is definitely the minimal withdrawal amount. It means that you won’t get your money unless you have played enough… And enough can be freely defined by the given betting company’s policy. Isn’t it crazy limiting? Don’t worry with bitcoin betting this issue does not exist.


3. It can be safer and finally gives you anonymity you deserve

Bitcoin stores transactions in a blockchain network with military-grade encryption, making the system virtually impossible to hack. It’s also private, there is no personal information attached to the bitcoin address that can identify you. The amount of information you share with actors along the blockchain network depends solely on you, i.e. some wallet providers or exchanges request some personal information, but others don’t. You are the one to choose from variety of solutions offered out there (for detailed comparison of recommended wallets go to https://bitcoin.org/en/choose-your-wallet.)

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