Here we are, just 21 hours left to the one of the most important Presidential Elections in the U.S history. The atmosphere is becoming very nervous!

Odds and blockchain polls

Just 3 days ago odds on OneHash were totally different! Odds for Hilary Clinton were 1.482 which means that she has received approximately 68% of bets (votes). Odds for Trump were 2.646.


Let’s see how it looks just 20 hours before the elections! FBI Director James Comey informed on Sunday that he still does not believe that Hillary Clinton should face criminal prosecution over her use of private email servers during her time as secretary of state. Was it a game changer decision?


Shocked? Odds for Clinton are 1.167 and it’s around 85 % of bets!

However, all polling datas show that the race is very tied. If you are a Donald Trump supporter the odds on OneHash should be very attractive to you!


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