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Want to learn what is Bitcoin and why is it perfect for betting?

How does the mutual betting work? What is included in our offer?

Or maybe how to use OneHash effectively?

That’s great - here you’ll find answers to those (and more) questions!

Mutual betting with Bitcoin
Betting at OneHash

Basic Concepts

Mutual betting with Bitcoin

Mutual betting is widely used in gambling on horse racing, greyhound racing and sports betting. Onehash is the first platform that combines this model with blockchain. Read more to find out why is it a perfect fit.

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, a form of electronic cash. It was created in 2009 by an unknown person using the alias Satoshi Nakamoto. to work as a decentralized digital currency without a central bank or single administrator. This means that transactions are made with no middle men, but are verified by network nodes through cryptography methods and recorded in a public distributed ledger called a blockchain.

What are the advantages of betting with Bitcoin?
  • Fast -> With Bitcoin it is possible to send and get money anywhere in the world at any given time. You don’t have to worry about crossing borders, rescheduling for bank holidays, or any other limitations when transferring your money.
  • Safe -> All finalized transactions are available for everyone to verify on the blockchain. Bitcoin protocol cannot be manipulated by any person, organization, or government. This is due to Bitcoin being cryptographically secure.
  • Cheap -> Because there are no middle men, no fees (or very small fees in some places) are deducted from your transactions.
  • Anonymous -> Payments in Bitcoin can be made without one’s personal information being tied to the transactions. Bitcoin also protects against identity theft.
What is mutual betting and why is it better?

Mutual betting is a system in which all bets are placed together in a pool and payoff odds are calculated by sharing the pool among all winning bets.

It remains one of most adrenaline-pumping ways to bet for your favourite teams and prove yourself right. Why? Because the stakes are forever-free from corporate gambling machines and algorithms. At Onehash, the betting stays between humans—an experience you can’t get when the odds are fixed by a computer.

Mutual betting is very simple:

  • A bettor chooses a side to place his bet
  • Every bet made influences the winning multiplier until the pool closes
  • After the match outcome, winners split the pot proportionally to their contribution

Betting at OneHash

At OneHash you can bet on sports, e-sports, special events and more. Not sure how to start and what to bet on? Read how it all works, get familiar with our offer and sign-up to enjoy the complete OneHash experience.

How can I bet?

There are two easy ways of placing bets at OneHash! You can either use BTC that you have deposited to your OneHash wallet or by directly transferring BTC for a given event.

In both cases it is simple:

  • Choose the event you want to bet on from the menu to the left. Who's going to win? Who's going to lose? Or will it be a tough draw? That's up to you to decide. You bet using the 'Bet'
  • The second step is dependent on the betting method (and whether you have sufficient amount in your OneHash wallet)

Betting with OneHash wallet:

  • You just put an amount you want to bet and click on „Place a bet” button.
  • You will see an “OK” on the screen, once your bet is through. That’s it - you are done (just 2 clicks!). Ask the support team about deposit bonus!

Betting with individual transfer:

  • You'll be asked for a bitcoin wallet address where we'll send you your winnings, should you be right.
  • After that, a unique address is generated, on which you need to send the amount of bitcoins you want to bet. Remember that the minimum bet is 0.0001 BTC
  • You will see an “OK” on the screen, once your bet is through. Drop us your e-mail address to receive email updates on the outcome and winnings transfer details
Should I sign-up to bet?

Not at all! OneHash was designed for everyone to enjoy bitcoin betting. As mentioned in previous point, if you’re not signed-up, you can bet with individual transfer without any hassle.

However, signing-up brings you additional features and lets you benefit from the full experience of mutual betting with:

  • OneHash wallet functionality that allows to bet in just 2 clicks
  • Personal betting history
  • Customized betting offer selection (based on your history of bets and derived preferences)
  • Information about new features, hottest events and special bonuses

Join OneHash today and enjoy the best mutual betting experience!

Can I bet for something more than just a final result?

Of course. Depending on the event type, you can bet on the different additional outcomes. For example, some of the additional bet options in football include:

  • Correct Score
  • Each team total goals
  • Goals difference
  • Total Goals

Because it is much harder to correctly hit the exact outcomes from those options, betting on them can be highly rewarding. You can develop your own strategy of finding and betting on the additional results - some of them have very big multipliers!

Our Games


Dice is one of the most popular random games in the internet. The game originated from the small throwable objects with multiple resting positions, used for generating random numbers. You need to challenge yourself, assess the risk, adjust the stakes and chances proportion.

The numbers used for rolls' outcomes are generated randomly. For details regarding how it works, please go to „Seed settings” on the Dice view, there you can use the provided code to compare seeds of the rolls.

You can start playing without any risk. Just set your bet amount at 0 and roll the Dice to see how it works. Once you feel comfortable, you can always increase the stakes.


Fool the keeper and win your prize!

Goals is our newest, highly interactive game, where you can play on 3 levels and win even up to x43544! Your objective is to shoot as many goals in a row as you can without catching the ball by the goalkeeper.

Start the game, choose where you want to shoot and cash out your bonus. Remember - the higher level, the harder it is to win.


Make sure to leave before the rocket explodes!

Moon is an innovative, interactive and anonymous game where you can win up to x1000! Your mission is to fly as high as you can without being destroyed.

Set your bet amount and click play! The big number on the screen indicates the multiplier at which the rocket currently is. Click to leave before explosion, to gain your bonus.

You can select automatic betting by clicking Auto. Then set your bet amount and target auto cash out to play hands free and win!


Slot machine, known also as fruit machine, puggy, one-armed bandits or simply the slots is the widely known casino game with three or more reels which spin when a button is pushed.

With slots you can multiply your bitcoins by x1000, x100, x50, x15 and so on. You simply spin and with each spin you have a chance to win! The best symbol in the game is the OneHash logo which always wins up to x1000. OneHash logo works as a wildcard and can make a combo with any two other symbols or acts as a bitcoin logo.

Want to check if results are 100% random? Click spin verification on the slots page to to check the spin results for the seeds of the past rolls and set your seed for the future spins with the seed verification link. Compare the server seed with the client seed and run it through the code. You can find information on the server and client seeds in the latest spins section after clicking on a particular event.