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What is bitcoin?
Bitcoin is the fastest-growing, decentralized, digital currency that lets users transfer money over the internet securely, without a middleman.
Why should I use bitcoin?
  • It is cheaper, because there are no intermediaries to charge you for transfers.
  • It is safe, because transactions are stored in a blockchain network with military-grade encryption, making the system virtually impossible to hack.
  • It is completely anonymous, since there are no middlemen to know how you spend your money
  • It is increasingly popular; today you can pay with bitcoins for almost everything from a Subway sandwich, to a pair of shoes at Zappos, eBay auctions, or even a brand-new Tesla. Not to mention betting at :)
How can I start using bitcoin?

Getting started with bitcoin is pretty simple too. You just need a bitcoin wallet and some bitcoins which you can buy from an online exchange / marketplace.

There a many different wallets out there to make sure that your needs are satisfied. The simplest is setting up a web-based wallet such as Green Address, BitGo or Circle, but if you can choose from also mobile, desktop and hardware wallets. For detailed comparison of recommended wallets go to

Once you have your wallet, you just need some bitcoins. Depending on your local currency there are various marketplaces to choose from. Go to to compare the prices for your preferred currency. The purchase process differs between marketplaces, especially regarding type of authentication and acceptable means of payments. If you want it very quick and safe check out, or

Mutual betting

Why should I try mutual betting?
Mutual betting remains one of most adrenaline-pumping ways to bet for your favourite teams and prove yourself right. Why? Because the stakes are forever-free from corporate gambling machines and algorithms. At Onehash, the betting stays between humans—an experience you can’t get when the odds are fixed by a computer.
How does mutual betting work?

Mutual betting is very simple:

  • A bettor chooses a side to place his bet...and others place theirs.
  • Every bet made influences the winning multiplier until the pool closes.
  • After the match outcome, winners split the pot proportionally to their contribution

Betting at

How can I bet?

There are two easy ways of placing bets at OneHash! You can either use BTC that you have deposited to your OneHash wallet or by directly transferring BTC for a given event. In both cases it is simple:

  • Choose the event you want to bet on from the menu to the left. Who's going to win? Who's going to lose? Or will it be a tough draw? That's up to you to decide. You bet using the 'Bet'. The second step is dependent on the betting method (and whether you have sufficient amount in your OneHash wallet)

Betting with OneHash wallet:

  • You just put an amount you want to bet and click on „Place a bet” button.
  • You will see an “OK” on the screen, once your bet is through. That’s it - you are done (just 2 clicks!).

Betting with individual transfer:

  • You'll be asked for a bitcoin wallet address where we'll send you your winnings, should you be right.
  • After that, a unique address is generated, on which you need to send the amount of bitcoins you want to bet. Remember that the minimum bet it 0.001 BTC
  • You will see an “OK” on the screen, once your bet is through. Drop us your e-mail address to receive email updates on the outcome and winnings transfer details
Why should I sign-up?

That way you can enjoy the complete mutual betting experience with:

  • OneHash wallet functionality that allows to bet in just 2 clicks
  • Personal betting history
  • Customized betting offer selection (based on your history of bets and derived preferences)


What is dice and how does it work?
The fundamental difference between mutual betting and rolling the Dice is that you challenge yourself and not other bettors. You need to assess the risk, adjust the stakes and chances proportion.
How can I verify if rolls are 100% random?
The numbers used for rolls' outcomes are generated randomly. For details regarding how it works, please go to „Seed settings” on the Dice view.
Can I play the Dice without any risk?
Yes, you can set your bet amount at 0 and roll the Dice to see how it works. Once you feel comfortable, you can always increase the stakes.


What are options and do they work?
Binary options are our fixed-odds offering. You bet on whether a given financial instrument goes up or down in the defined time horizon. Since the odds are fixed, if you are right, you will receive the amount equal to your bet value x odds multiplier.
Can I place multiple bets for one cryptocurrency?
Yes, indeed you are free to place as many bets as you wish. You can always keep track of your historical and outstanding bets below the chart.
What if the price will remains on the same level?
If the price does not change in the defined time horizon, your bet becomes void. Consequently, the bet amount is instantly sent back to your OneHash wallet.